Can You Help Cultivate a Champion?

It is not often that you get to meet, mingle with, and have your picture taken with an icon. Recently I had that opportunity.


Last night I attended a small gathering of people (thanks to my wife, Jamie, and her company, Atria Senior Living) to hear Billie Jean King speak. Many consider Billie Jean King as one of the two most significant sports figures (along with Jackie Robinson) of the last century. Ms King spoke for an hour, answering questions and touching on a variety of subjects including:

It was striking and significant to me that out of the four He-roes or She-roes that she mentioned, three were teachers/ coaches (3rd grade, 6th grade, and 12th grade) and the other was former Olympian (and her childhood minister) Bob Richards.

Ours is an awesome job… with awesome responsibilities. Do you have the next Billie Jean King in one of your classes?

Amazing Night

Amazing Woman

Amazing Human

The following is the video that preceded Billie Jean Kings talk… I hope you can take the time to watch this five minute clip!

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You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

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Spotlight Update – Becca Jonas

A quick update on an athlete featured in the You Can Do More “spotlight” last spring, Becca Jonas

In the Spotlight – Becca Jonas

direnna awardBecca has finished her senior seasons in volleyball and basketball at Truman High School.  A four-year starter in both sports, Jonas was recently was awarded the DelRinna Award for the top high school girls basketball player in the Kansas City Metro area. Jonas, the, 6-1 Center was also named the 2013-14 Examiner Player of the Year, and selected to the MBCA All-State, All-Suburban Middle Six, and all-district basketball squads.  Becca will play in the GKCBCA Missouri All-Star this year.

Jonas, who is headed to Drake University, led her team to a 25-2 record (50-3 over the last two seasons) and an appearance in the Missouri Class 5 state sectionals. She averaged 18.5 points, 8.5 rebounds and four assists per game.

Becca trained as part of the Strength and Conditioning program at Truman High School for 4 years, and is a testament to the fact that hard work pays off.

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You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

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Training Women Athletes

pat softballI am often asked how we adjust the strength and conditioning program for our women athletes.  The short answer is that we don’t.  Our women athletes, are athletes… many of them very good athletes!  The dynamic strength training program that I have shared in a previous post (A Weekly (not weakly!) Workout) does make adjustments, and is individualized, based on strength levels, but does not differentiate between gender.  We ask our women athletes to go through the same “Core” lifting program that we use to train our male athletes.  We do make adjustments based on in-season/ off-season, and make allowances on days of competition, as well as having sport specific supplemental lifts.  Each sport (men and women) also has their own battery of sport specific conditioning and quickness drills that they use.  But the basic “Core”  part of our program, the weekly rotation of our four core lifts, Bench, Squat, Clean and Push Press, is identical for both our men and women athletes.

pats girls bbThe women athletes at our school have enjoyed great success recently.  Our softball team was 2012 Missouri State 5A Champions and our basketball team is currently undefeated and ranked #1 in the state (Missouri 5A)!.  Our Volleyball team is right on the cusp of competing for a state championship.   While the strength and conditioning program at our school is only a small piece of this success (these programs have very good athletes that work hard and are very well coached), our coaches have “bought in” and believe it is still an important piece of the puzzle.  It is the expectation that the women on our school’s athletic teams will participate in the strength and conditioning program, either during school in one of our classes, after school, and also during the summer session.

Here is what our coaches have said about our strength and conditioning program, A Weekly (not weakly!) Workout,  that we put our women athletes through:

“The strength and conditioning program may be the single biggest improvement we have made in our program.  It has done as much for the development of my players as any position work or practice.  We are bigger, stronger, and faster than we used to be, and that has translated to a 19-0 start and a #1 state ranking.  The girls have a confidence that comes with strength.  You can’t get that feeling from anything else.” – Steve Cassity – Head Girls Basketball Coach, Truman High School

“The progress my athletes have made by utilizing the four core lifts alone, has been remarkable.  Our overall strength the past two years has made a dramatic impact in our on-field performance.  My kids have more power at the plate and increased explosiveness in the field.  This system works for our athletes… male and female alike”  – Amy Temples – Head Girls Softball Coach, Truman High School

pats volleyball“What I have seen more than anything else is the explosion that the strength and conditioning program has provided for our female athletes.”

Denise Craig – Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Truman High School



Here is a short video showing some of our female athletes, that participate in a variety of sports, in our Strength and Conditioning Class.

In the next few days we will be taking a look at the NCAA and NAIA Clearinghouse, and detailing the next of our 4 Core lifts, the Squat.

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