The Workout Card – Motivation and Efficiency

workout cardJust a few words today about the importance the workout card (template) that I shared on my posts the last couple of days.

For the instructor, trainer or coach, it is a valuable motivation piece. This workout card is an individualized workout, based on the student’s or your) current strength level. There is always an air of excitement in class on the days that the newly printed cards are distributed.  Comments such as “what is your push press max now?” or “is your total above 800 lbs. yet?” or “did you get your pound -for -pound over 6 yet?” are the norm.    I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to the student (athlete) to see that card, with their name and all of their results printed on it, each day.  It serves as a reminder of where they have been, where they are now, and where they want to be strength-wise.  It does demand some administrative time to keep up with all of the “breaks” (new maxes – more on this later next week) but the results are worth it.

For the student (athlete), the card helps to optimize their time training.  They don’t have to consult any percentage charts to figure out how much weight they should be doing on each set.  The set/ reps/ weights are all on the chart for them, calculated by the spreadsheet.   There is no guesswork… no longer do they have to take time to recall what they did last week on their first (or last) set…. it is all on the card for them.

More on the card later in the week!

Jeff Floyd –