The Excel Workout Workbook

Today I am going to supply a few screen recording tutorials for you that help explain how to use the Excel workbooks that I have shared.  There are three different Excel workbooks- you can click on each link to download:

The Mac version will run on Windows without any problems.  The only difference in the Windows version, is that it has a “button” to click on when an athlete “breaks” that automatically adds 10 lbs to their estimated 1RM.  Today I will be discussing the 4 Day a Week Excel Template.  I will also be referring the the Conversion Chart that you can use to convert a multi-rep max (which is what we test on) to an estimated 1RM (1 rep max).  You can download the chart by clicking on this link:

I have discussed at lengths the benefits of this program (A Weekly (not weakly!) Workout Program) and why I have chosen to use this program training our athletes (How Do You “Skin the Cat”) and the benefits of the workout card (The Workout Card – Motivation and Efficiency).  Today will be a little bit more of the nuts and bolts and a “how to” tutorial.

There are really three steps in using the Excel Workbook.  The first step is setting up the workbook for each of the classes (or groups or teams) you will be training.  The following video is a tutorial on how to set up your workbook for each class.

The next step is the instruction and testing (multi-rep max) for each of the 4 Core Lifts and creating the Workout Card for each student-athlete.

The following video tutorial shows how to convert the multi-rep max to an estimated 1RM and how to create the workout card for your student-athletes.

The final piece is the weekly managing job of managing the workout card, keeping it up to date with the athletes ever changing strength levels.  When the athletes “break” on their heavy day lift (Breaking – Its a Good Thing) their workout card will need to be updated in order to increase the load on their now stronger muscle group.  The following tutorial video will walk you through that process.

I hope these video help understand how to efficiently use the Excel workbooks that I have shared.  Next week I will do a similar post on using the 3 Day a Week workbook.

If you have any questions, just comment or email – I WILL answer!

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