1969… A Very Merry (and Prescient) Christmas

A quick memory from a Christmas long ago….1969

All Christmases were memorable at our house… with 6 kids it was always a ruckus.

But thinking back to 1969 it was both memorable and prescient.

JoeNamath-dollMore memorable in part because the KC Chiefs had just defeated the NY Jets (who were coming off their Championship 1968 season) 13-6 in the AFC Divisional Playoff game, and were on their way to winning Super Bowl IV.   Our family had 2 season tickets and we were all Chiefs fans…. even though my older sister was somewhat a closet Jets fan, and a not so closet Broadway Joe Namath fan… in fact my Christmas present to her (Joyce) that year was a Joe Namath GI Joe type doll that came with full pads, a uniform and a white fur coat.


My wish list for that Christmas was short… I was going for the “All In” approach… asking for a single, yet somewhat extravagant present… The wish was for a game called “Computer Football” made by the company, Electronic Data Controls.  Now this was not the old electric football game where the field vibrates and the players move (normally in circles) down the field.  In the Computer Football game each player was a “coach” and could select an offensive play and call a defense.  You did this by pushing a couple of buttons.  After the play and defense were selected, a bulb would light up on a large grid, which would determine the outcome of the play.

computer footballThe game was very complex looking… on a large wooden board with dials and buttons and light bulbs…. it was also very expensive.  For some reason I remember the price being $39… figuring inflation (there is a calculator online) that would be equal to nearly $250 today.  Being in a family with 6 kids it was a long shot that “Santa” would be able to deliver.

Well, Santa did deliver… which is why along with all else, Christmas in 1969 was memorable and prescient…. Over 40 years later I still love football, coaching, strategy and using technology to pull it all together.

Happy Holidays!  Go Chiefs!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com

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