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My wife, Jamie works for the company, Atria Senior Living.  They manage senior living communities… retirement and assisted living.  She is in sales, but also writes for the Atria blog.  This was her post from yesterday… it is fitting for this audience as well…


On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos released a statement indicating the owner of their franchise, Pat Bowlen, is stepping down as a result of his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Bowlen has been living with the disease for a few years, but chose to keep this private.

As I listened to the reporters describe Mr. Bowlen, I was struck by the recurring use of the word “was.” Mr. Bowlen was this or was that.

In reality, Mr. Bowlen IS. He IS still very much alive. His family cares about him, loves him, and, I imagine, finds ways to adjust to his memory impairment on a daily basis.

Mr. Bowlen IS still the man who loves the Broncos, who established their winning tradition, who loves to bicycle. And, since his family lives with him, they will engage him daily by remembering for him that he loves all these things.

There will be days when Mr. Bowlen will feel a strong connection to his family because they encourage him to think about everything he loves: The Broncos, those Superbowls, the outdoors, bicycling, wearing cowboy boots, laughing at practical jokes and being part of the team. Mr. Bowlen IS. Let’s refer to him with the respect he and his family deserve.

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Can You Help Cultivate a Champion?

It is not often that you get to meet, mingle with, and have your picture taken with an icon. Recently I had that opportunity.


Last night I attended a small gathering of people (thanks to my wife, Jamie, and her company, Atria Senior Living) to hear Billie Jean King speak. Many consider Billie Jean King as one of the two most significant sports figures (along with Jackie Robinson) of the last century. Ms King spoke for an hour, answering questions and touching on a variety of subjects including:

It was striking and significant to me that out of the four He-roes or She-roes that she mentioned, three were teachers/ coaches (3rd grade, 6th grade, and 12th grade) and the other was former Olympian (and her childhood minister) Bob Richards.

Ours is an awesome job… with awesome responsibilities. Do you have the next Billie Jean King in one of your classes?

Amazing Night

Amazing Woman

Amazing Human

The following is the video that preceded Billie Jean Kings talk… I hope you can take the time to watch this five minute clip!

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