In the Spotlight – Yoda

yoda 2013I am not a scientist, but I can be a bit nerdy; in the spotlight today, Yoda.

I started thinking after yesterday’s post, and watching the video of Yoda lifting the X-Wing fighter out of the swamp – using the “Force” – that although Yoda is the greatest coach ever, he was not a bad athlete.

So here is Yoda’s workout card, albeit based on somewhat limited information.


From what I could determine, Yoda is about 2 feet 2 inches tall, and weighs about 74 pounds.  I figured, again based on information online that he his vertical is about 7 times his height, or about 84 inches.  Based on that his Power Quotient (What are you Measuring) is around 78.84… good, but not amazing.  It would put Yoda among the leaders but not at the top of the athletes I tested this year.

His Pound for Pound Ratio (Pound for Pound Ratio Data), on the other hand, is an amazing (even among Jedi Masters) 287.16.  I estimated his lifts based on the weight of the X-Wing fighter (9,500 pounds) that he lifted out of the swamp.  It is amazing the information you can find on the internet.  You can see that he moved it slowly, and lifted and pulled it, as opposed to pushing.  Because of this I assigned a greater number to the squat (power lift), and less to the Bench (pushing) , Push and Clean (Explosive Lifts).  You an also see in the attached video that Yoda is quicker rather than fast, so he scores better on the Pro Agility test than the 40.

Yoda Lifting

Yoda showing his quickness

You Can Do More …. your brain is lying to you… Don’t believe it!

Jeff Floyd –

Do… or do not. There is no try.

Luke: All right, I’ll give it a try.

Yoda: No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

True confidence does not come without effort…. It’s not kidding yourself into thinking you can do something you have not worked for.

It is amazing how far a positive attitude, having confidence, will take you in your athletic or career endeavors.  Truly believing you can accomplish something, being able to see it in your minds eye is the first step towards actually achieving it.

YodaThis applies to your daily training, as well your competition.  If you approach each training day with a goal in mind, a positive attitude, and confidence, you are giving yourself a chance to have a great training day.  String enough good training days together and you are putting yourself in position to be successful when it comes time to compete.  Enough successful competitions and you are on your way to a great career.  All of these habits (championship habits) translate not only to your field of athletic competition, but also to life.  You are developing habits (championship habits) that will make you successful no matter what you do in life – in or out of athletics.

Improve your daily training by breaking it down into daily competitions…. it is you against the weight on your last set of your heavy push press day…. it is you against the clock on your final 400m run on a 6 x 400m training day… it is you against that final gasser….  it is you sinking 10 straight free throws in practice.  In each of these scenarios you have to KNOW that you will win… You will get your last set; you will hit your 400m time; you will make your free throws…You have to KNOW this before you ever step under the bar or to the line

When you start winning those daily competitions, then seeing yourself winning the big ones, your games/ matches/ races becomes much easier.  You have paid the daily dues needed to have true confidence.

The name of this blog – You Can DO More – NOT  – You Can TRY More.

“Do … or do not. There is no try.”

Questions and Comments are always appreciated – I WILL respond!

Jeff Floyd –