Supplemental Lifts

The final area of the workout card to discuss is the bottom part of the card that says Supplemental Lifts.  As I have discussed, we have our students (athletes) train on four Core lifts – Bench , Push Press, Squat, and Clean.  Each day we complete 3 of the 4 at varying intensities, and omit one.  In addition to the Core lift, there are a variety of supplemental lifts we do when time permits – typically during out after school or summer off-season sessions.  As we explain to our students-athletes there are many great supplemental lifts they can and should do.  Probably the two we stress for athletes more than any other are the Inclined Bench and Lat Pull (or Row).  We stress Inclined Bench because in many of our athletic events it replicates closer the actual movement (angle) our players arms would be moving during competition.  A offensive or defensive lineman “punch”, a shot put release, etc.  Most of our Core lifts involve some sort of pushing movement, so the Lat Pull (or Row) gives us a pulling movement to work the opposing muscle groups.

supplemental liftsOur student-athletes use the bottom section of the card to keep track of the weight they are lifting, normally recording what their last set (of 8 reps) is.  We usually do a progressive workout of 3 sets of 8 reps on our supplemental lifts.  Working opposing muscle groups (biceps and triceps for example) and isolating a muscle group (during bicep curl or triceps extension) are concepts we teach as well.  The list of supplemental lifts at the bottom of the card is by no means all-inclusive, rather just an example of a two day routine.  We do not enter the weights (electronically) for the supplemental lifts on their workout card, but ask them to record the weights they are using in the blanks provided.

Finally, here are, once again, the strength training workout files that I have shared:

Tomorrow I will begin the discussion of how to market yourself successfully to college recruiters.

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