Godin Knows… Sports

godin knowsSeth Godin (not to be confused with Seth Rogen!) is an author and business/ marketing expert.  His blog (sethgodin.typepad.com) is one I read daily.  It is always interesting and usually thought provoking.  Godin typically does not give me “answers” but will plant a seed that will make me contemplate my status quo.

It is motivational, but not in a rah, rah way.  He writes in a manner that makes me believe that it is OK to try new things and expand my comfort zone… and that he will be on my side when I do.

I have read (and recommend) all of his books, from Purple Cow, to his most recent, The Icarus Deception.  They are all good – The Icarus Deception is REALLY good- I highly recommend it.

His posts all have a business/ marketing slant, but the concepts are equally applicable to athletics … and life in general.  I like to say that Godin is a coach but just doesn’t know it.  But, without a doubt, Godin Knows Sports!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com

“I’m Starting on My Team, Why Do More?”

seth godinLet me share this one more time.  Every day I read Seth Godin’s blog.  His blog would be categorized as a marketing/ business type blog – not directly athletic or sports related at all.  Nevertheless, I find it interesting and useful daily.  Often I find it directly applicable to coaching, and athletics.  Today was one of those days.  Here is the text of today’s post:

“I’m making money, why do more?”

  • Because doing more than you need to makes it personal.
  • Because work that belongs to you, by choice, is the first step    to making art.
  • Because the choice to do more brings passion to your life and it makes you more alive.
  • Because if you don’t, someone else will, and in an ever more competitive world, doing less means losing.
  • Because you care.
  • Because we’re watching.
  • Because you can.

The initial question can easily be changed to apply to athletics and coaching:

“I’m starting on my team, why do more?”  or

“We’re winning games, why do more?” or

“I was All-Conference last year, why do more?

  • Because it makes your work personal
  • Because it brings passion to your life and makes you more alive
  • Because if you don’t you will eventually lose
  • Because you care
  • Because you can
  • You Can Do More!

icarusI would highly recommend Godin’s blog and his books, his most recent being the “Icarus Deception, How High Will You Fly?”  It aligns perfectly with concept of Doing More.

Tomorrow I will share some data regarding the Power Quotient and Vertical Leap.

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com