Defensive Game Planning – Flipped Coaching

As a coach and teacher, I have a continuous, internal dialogue that takes place.  Time is at a premium, and it is inflexible, so whenever I am contemplating adding something else to my plate, this internal conversation begins.  I try … Continue reading


Defensive Game Planning – All Posts, Forms, and Video

Let me start by thanking Coach Keith Grabowski of Baldwin Wallace University for the kind words in his post today, Follow Up: Advice to young coaches taking on a (Defensive) Coordinator Role.  His previous post on this topic (Advice to … Continue reading

Defensive Game Planning – FAQ’s

I have received some questions regarding the Defensive Game Planning process I have detailed over the last few days.  The answers to these questions (as well as questions I was asked when giving this presentation in person) will also encompass … Continue reading

Defensive Game Planning – Game Procedures

This post will guide you through game day procedures, using the tools that have been discussed in the previous Defensive Game Planning posts.  Links to all of these posts are at the end of this post.  All of this information … Continue reading

Defensive Game Planning – The Call Sheet

The final goal of the entire game planning process is to assemble the tool to be used on game day, the Call Sheet.  As I mentioned in my first post on this subject (Defensive Game Planning – Genealogy) the following … Continue reading

Defensive Game Planning – The Play Grid

The next step in the game planning process is completing the tool I call the Play Grid.  This is an Excel worksheet that includes every play we have broken down from our opponent’s film.  It is a single page document … Continue reading

Defensive Game Planning – The Ready List

The Ready List is the list of fronts and stunts that we believe will be the most successful against our opponent’s top run and pass plays.  We have already determined what those plays were, and all the tendencies associated with … Continue reading

Defensive Game Planning – Film Breakdown and the Formation Analysis

I had a question after yesterdays post (Defensive Game Planning – Weekly Workflow) about the timeline we used to disseminate the scouting report information to our players.  Let me take a moment to discuss this. When we first began this … Continue reading

Defensive Game Planning – Weekly Workflow

During the season the work of our defensive staff revolves around two main goals. Developing a game plan specific to the offense of our opponent that week Implementing the game plan. The implementation involved two pieces. Assembling the tools that … Continue reading

Defensive Game Planning – Genealogy

While I was at the University of Central Missouri and William Jewell College, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from some very good defensive coaches –  Terry Noland, Mike Foster, Mark Thomas, Mark Hulet, Rich Jahner, Corey … Continue reading