Lessons from the Masters – Toriano Porter

Toriano Porter is a journalist and writer. He has written two books, The Pride of Park Avenue and James Cool. I recruited Toriano (a defensive back) out of Eureka High School in St. Louis, while defensive coordinator at the University … Continue reading

Lessons from the Masters – The Nace Brothers Band

A long one… I had a lot to say… read on Like most people, I have a few things that I am really passionate about. Besides family and friends, here are my top three: I love teaching and coaching I … Continue reading

16 Links to Kickstart Your 2016

Thank you! 2015 was a terrific year for this blog, YouCanDoMore.net, with more views (over 60,000) and downloads (over 15,000) than ever before. These were the top performing posts in terms of views this year… if you are a recent … Continue reading

Train Your Brain

It is that time of the year. Every game takes on increasing significance. Win you continue…. lose and you are on to “next year” Each week half the remaining teams are eliminated. For the remaining teams, practice time takes on … Continue reading