The Limitations of 140 Characters

Let me preface this post by saying that I embrace technology and I use many social media tools.

I tweet daily, scan the twittershpere for nuggets, and participate in several online twitter chats (see Post #TXHSFBCHAT… The Fastest 60 Minutes on the Internet)

That being said, twitter 140these tools all have limitations… and in many ways (like for really in-depth study and research), they are doo doo (RIP Gene Wilder).

To think you are going to learn much anything of substance by reading a 140 character tweet is misguided at best, and really pretty lazy at worst.

I worry at times that colleagues are spending… investing… time scrolling through their twitter account searching for that Golden Ticket (RIP Gene Wilder)… that single concept, phrase, or idea that will put their program on the path to greatness…

Probably not an investment that will pay huge dividends.

Most concepts in football (or coaching) have more substance than can be adequately covered in a tweet, Instagram picture, or Facebook post. My single post, Defensive Game Planning – The Call Sheet, has over 1,000 words, (6,500 characters) about a dozen images and a 10-minute video… and I still worry that I adequately covered the subject!
What I try to do with my tweets (or re-tweet) is to get your attention… and then direct you to where the substance is… to where the REAL information is… which normally will take some time to read and digest.

It is not about instant gratification or a sound bite… it is about learning, content, and thoughtful study.

There is no shortcut… the only guaranteed shortcut … take the long way!

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Remember – You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd –

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The Hotel Lobby at the AFCA Convention

The original social network

Before Faceoook

Before Twitter

Before LinkedIn

Before Instagram

Before Texting

…there were thousands of coaches that yearly covered the Hotel Lobby floor at the AFCA convention, with a pocket full of business cards, a drink in their left hand, and their right hand poised… ready to shake the hand of the next coach they were introducing themselves to.

afca lobby

Networking… the old fashioned way.

This will all begin anew next week in Indianapolis as the nations coaches descend upon the Indiana Convention Center.

If you have not ever had the opportunity to attend the national convention of the American Football Coaches Association, I would put it on your bucket list.

You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd –

Your Cadres

WeblinkIt never fails… and I am glad!

When someone recommends to “Follow”, or “Likes” a post, or “Retweets”  a “Tweet”, the number of views on my site goes up exponentially.   Here are a few observations regarding that phenomenon

  • Thank you for reading, following, commenting, and retweeting.  I know your time is valuable, and I appreciate you spending some of it with me.
  • You all are influential… probably more than you realize.  When coaches follow, trusted colleagues and players of yours follow the lead.  When athletes follow, like-minded teammates of yours follow the lead.  It is awesome to see, and an awesome responsibility. You all have cadres… you all are trusted.
  • I will respect the trust you have given me.  I will not spam you are your followers.  I will always work to keep the content, relevant, useful and high quality.

I will ask one favor…..

  • If you are a coach, and have found the content relevant, useful and high quality, please share this site  ( with a couple of colleagues that might enjoy reading as well.
  • If you are a parent, and have found yourself thinking “I wish I would have known this stuff before my son (daughter) was a senior”, please share this site ( with other parents who may find it useful as well.
  • If you are an athlete, and you have found at least one nugget on this blog that has helped you perform at a higher level, please share this site ( with a teammate who you are counting on.

Thanks again!

Jeff Floyd –