Getting Stuck

I like getting stuck.  I like being faced with challenging situations.  I like having to figure out elegant solutions to complex problems.   I like finding new and better ways to teach or explain something.  I like figuring out how to use technology to improve my coaching.

edisonAll of these things force me out of my comfort zone; force me to become a better coach and teacher.  I believe that in order to be a good coach, you must be a good teacher (Coach=Teacher).  To be a good teacher and coach, I think you must be a good problem solver as well.  And to be good at solving problems takes some tenacity … As Thomas Edison said, genius is 99% perspiration, and 1% inspiration.  Solving problems, whether it is how to stop the top rushing offense in the nation, or how to make a screen recording to better explain an Excel spreadsheet, is what makes coaching and teaching FUN.  How boring if everything was smooth and easy!

Two things that I took from participating in athletics as a youth that have served me well my entire adult life:

  1. Be tenacious – never give up on a challenge.
  2. Hard work has a value in and of itself.

I was fortunate to play for coaches that instilled these qualities in the athletes that they worked with.

Add another life skill to the things you are teaching the young men and women in your programs– problem solving.  You are developing perspiring geniuses!

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