Your Cadres

WeblinkIt never fails… and I am glad!

When someone recommends to “Follow”, or “Likes” a post, or “Retweets”  a “Tweet”, the number of views on my site goes up exponentially.   Here are a few observations regarding that phenomenon

  • Thank you for reading, following, commenting, and retweeting.  I know your time is valuable, and I appreciate you spending some of it with me.
  • You all are influential… probably more than you realize.  When coaches follow, trusted colleagues and players of yours follow the lead.  When athletes follow, like-minded teammates of yours follow the lead.  It is awesome to see, and an awesome responsibility. You all have cadres… you all are trusted.
  • I will respect the trust you have given me.  I will not spam you are your followers.  I will always work to keep the content, relevant, useful and high quality.

I will ask one favor…..

  • If you are a coach, and have found the content relevant, useful and high quality, please share this site  ( with a couple of colleagues that might enjoy reading as well.
  • If you are a parent, and have found yourself thinking “I wish I would have known this stuff before my son (daughter) was a senior”, please share this site ( with other parents who may find it useful as well.
  • If you are an athlete, and you have found at least one nugget on this blog that has helped you perform at a higher level, please share this site ( with a teammate who you are counting on.

Thanks again!

Jeff Floyd –

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