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Technology and Social Media never ceases to amaze me.  Yesterday via LinkedIn I made a connection with a fellow strength and conditioning/ football coach, Tony Courville.  During a visit to his site, tcstrength.com, I came upon a chart that was very similar to one I used during my stint as head coach at William Jewell College.  Tony’s calls his the Evaluation of Performance Chart.

It is excellent and encompasses, and encapsulates many concepts that we talk to our athletes about daily:

  • Commitment
  • Leadership
  • Consistency
  • Ability
  • Attitude
  • Focus

Tony shared this about his chart and how he uses it:

“I have a large sign of it (the chart) in my weight room and locker room. I print out a copy and laminate it and place it in every football player’s locker and it stays there 24/7/365. They are reminded constantly about what I feel it takes to be a successful athlete.”

Thanks to Coach Courville for allowing me to share this excellent resource for both coaches and student-athletes.

You can download the chart by clicking on the image below.


You can download an editable version by clicking on the image below or going to this link: Editable Evaluation of Performance Chart

word evaluation chart


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