The Agony of Defeat

pats poster 2013c smallOur girls basketball team (Truman High School) lost in the District championship game last night.  They had a truly amazing season, heading into last nights game with a 25-0 record and a #1 ranking in the state (Missouri 5A).  It was a hard fought game, but when the final buzzer sounded they came up a couple of points short of their goal.

And that is the down side of any type of a playoff system, from the Missouri State High School Activity Association 5A Basketball playoffs, to the proposed FBS playoff system.  There is only ONE winner.  At the end of the playoff, there is only ONE team that feels that ultimate joy.  Every single other team ends their season with a stinging loss.  And in the midst of that loss it is so easy to forget all of the joys, successes, records, fun, and excitement that you as a coach or player experienced over the journey that is your season.

I know winning is important.  Striving to “Be the Best” is why most of us choose to compete.  But my advice would be to savor all aspects of the journey beyond the wins and championships.  There can be only one 5A Missouri State High School Girls Championship team.  Our girls basketball team has given us so much more than a championship; they gave us a season of memories, displayed great competitiveness and instilled pride in our school and community.  All of our teams can do that same thing – championships or not.

Enjoy the journey.

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