When Everyone Stops to Watch

We have all seen it…

No buildup or promo is needed…

It is not a matter of mass marketing or launching a social media campaign…

It is genuinehonestorganic

Everyone in the room knows that they are witnessing something special

There is a mutual respectadmiration… for what is being attempted…

Everyone stops what they are doing and watches…

Anxiously…. nervously… hopefully…

Wanting to witness a successful attempt.

This happened yesterday in one of my Strength and Conditioning classes.

Airianna Miller, an 8th grader in her second year in this class, was attempting a new PR for her 8-rep max on push press.

Airianna plays basketball, volleyball, and is a competitive cheerleader.

This is what happened at the end of class yesterday.


None of this was staged or pre-arranged.

The class knew what she was attempting… and as you can see in the video… more and more people stopped to watch as she successfully completed each rep.

By the time she had finished everyone had stopped to watch.

At the end there was great excitement. You can only see the beginning before the film cuts off, but the whole class stopped to give Arianna an ovation.

Including me.

  • Who says 8th graders are silly and immature?
  • Who says 8th graders are mean spirited?
  • Who says 8th graders are irresponsible?
  • Who says 8th graders can’t work together?
  • Who says 8th graders are not physically or mentally ready to take a Strength and Conditioning class?
  • Who says 8th graders like bodily function humor?

OK… maybe the last one is correct… the others… not so much!

This job can be really awesome!

Remember – You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com

6 thoughts on “When Everyone Stops to Watch

  1. I loved working with you in the weight room! I remember so many days/moments like this…….they rank right up there in my all-time best teaching/coaching moments! Great post!

  2. Thank you for writing this beautiful article. I’m Airianna’s mother and every day my pride grows when I see what a beautiful person she is on both the inside and out. She works hard for what she wants and has a maturity that a lot of adults still lack when it comes to being humble and respectful of herself and others. This really made my day and put a smile on my face!

    • You are rightly proud of Airianna! She consistently trains very hard in Strength and Conditioning class… Airianna has helped make it rewarding and fun to teach. Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking the time to comment… it is appreciated!

  3. Nice Job Jeff!!! True excitement is something everyone should experience. It changes attitudes, and efforts. To often children are “protected” from this type of experience because of a “they can’t do that mentality”. I’m glad to see you step up and PROVE that most young people will rise to the level expected of them.
    Good work.

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