The “Dash”

The 2014-2015 school year…

We all start and finish about the same time.

The 2014 Football Season… August 4-November 25

We all start at the same time… only a handful will play until the third week in November.

The start and end dates are not that important.

dashWhat is important is the “-“… the “dash”… what happens “in between” those dates. It is the “season”… the “school year”… and ultimately that is what we will remember.   Although it often seems like a DASH… a sprint… I am hoping that you enjoy … savor… the “-“ … the “dash”… the  “in between”

  • Enjoy each victory…
  • Learn from each defeat…
  • Savor the relationships with your athletes…
  • Appreciate your colleagues…

Good luck to all of you this school year and this season!

Enjoy the journey!

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