Simple, Elegant… Genius!

Early this week I received an email from a colleague, sharing an idea that is pure genius.  Coach Shelby, from Skyline High School in Missouri forwarded me an email thread of a concept they call an Email Clinic.

The idea was started a couple of years ago my Coach Scott Bailey from Lamar High School, Missouri State champions in 2011, 2012, and 2013.  Here is Coach Bailey’s explanation of the concept, which he includes for each new Email Clinic.

“…all you have to do to participate is reply to everybody in this email with your comments.  That way we all get a chance to learn from each other.  Included in this email are administrators and coaches of all sports, small school and large school, public school and private school, all parts of Missouri and other states as well.  If you have someone that you think would benefit from this email clinic simply add them to the list when you reply.  Again, if we all contribute then we all have a chance to learn and improve…”

Currently there are over 100 coaches and administrators included on the list, representing almost 50 schools.  I have tried to display the schools location as accurately as possible on the accompanying map.

email clinic

Coach Bailey begins the thread posing a couple of questions, and any coach who chooses, responds… sometimes taking the clinic in a different direction all together.

I was sent the email after it being “live” for only three days… already there were 10 contributions from 7 different coaches…. excellent, thoughtful responses covering these topics:

  • Training toughness
  • Mental toughness
  • The importance of the Coach/Player relationship
  • Off-Season philosophy
  • Confidence
  • Weekly work schedule
  • Character education
  • Summer contact days
  • Developing a winning philosophy

Here is why I think this is genius… and why it is working so well.

  • There is an honest collegial feel with the coaches in this group… everyone that has been added was done so because they were “recommended”… someone thought they could add to the discussion.
  • Coaches want to share, and most have an area of expertise… an area they feel confidant and comfortable teaching.
  • The coaches feel comfortable responding… there is no formal presentation which eliminates the fear factor… fear of failure… fear of rejection… fear of public speaking… fears that are natural and present in most humans
  • It is high tech enough to be easy and quick… low tech enough to be cross-platform … no special software or expertise needed to participate
  • There is no time crunch… Coaches can add and view at their own leisure.

This is a simple, elegant idea from an amazing group of coaches that are not letting budget constraints, technology limitations, geographic distance, or selfish motives stop them from sharing and learning some really great ideas.  They are truly Doing More!

Jeff Floyd –

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  1. Enjoy the heck out of your site. I have learned, and used, a lot of information that I have read about in the short time I have known about your site. Would love to take advantage of this as well, if possible. Thank you.

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