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I have started, stopped, written and re-written this several times trying not to sound too schmaltzy or mushy… but I am a coach… and as we say, I have the “chalk” so here goes.

Last night I had the opportunity to watch the second round game in 1A District 3- Osceola vs Skyline, at Osceola.  It was one of the proudest moments in my coaching career.


My first head football coaching position was at Osceola.  I was there three seasons, and the last two seasons we went 9-1 and made the playoffs both seasons.  The quarterback on that team was Paul Carney, who ended up being an All-State QB his junior and senior seasons.  Paul was one of the hardest working, most dedicated players I have ever coached.

Paul is now the head football coach at Osceola.

imagesOne of the football managers I had on those successful Osceola squads was a young man in junior high named Brandon Shelby.  Brandon went on to be the starting quarterback on the Osceola squad a few years after my departure… a team that also made the Missouri State Playoffs.  He, too, became an All State QB his senior season.  Brandon was a great high school athlete, excelling in football, basketball and baseball while at Osceola High School.

Brandon is now the head football coach at Skyline.

In visiting with both coaches before the game, each shared how bittersweet it was, having to face the other in the playoffs, knowing only one would continue their quest for a State Championship.   Coach Shelby shared how Paul Carney was his idol growing up, and how many great sports memories he had on this Osceola field.  Paul shared his respect for Brandon Shelby as an athlete, coach, colleague and friend.

I watched two very good, well coached, football teams battle last night.  Osceola ended up winning 26-22 after Skyline was stopped short on a 4th down play with just over a minute left.  Both teams played hard and fought the entire game.  I know both coaches were proud of their effort and performance.  I was proud.

Besides Coach Carney, Osceola had about a dozen “Legacy” players … athletes linked to my squads years ago…. sons, nephews, cousins.  After the game, guys that I coached nearly 30 years ago were grabbing their sons and introducing them to me… saying things like “this is Coach Floyd that we have talked to you about”.  It tugged at my heart.  Drew Carney, is #15 in the photo above with father Coach Paul Carney.

I share all of this for one reason.

My best accomplishments have absolutely nothing to do with wins or championships.   If you have not figured this out yet about your work, it will hit you at some point… maybe when you have to pull off the road while driving down a State Highway at midnight coming back from a high school football game to wipe the tears from your eyes.

OK, I am finished… now you have the “chalk

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15 thoughts on “Your Best Work

  1. I still to this day think your one of the best coaches I know and am proud to say you coached me and to watch Paul and Brandon coach and do what they do with those kids is great. I’m very proud to have a daughter be all-state hitter the last to years and she still has here senior year in volleyball she has great coaches and I hope Paul is still here to teach my son in 3 years.

  2. Coach, you have touched and affected more lives than one can easily count.

    Parts of you – your dedication, focus, pride and mannerisms, to some degree has touched all fortunate to be around you.

    That parlays into what each person takes with them from you into their ‘life after football’.

    It not only affects those directly associated with you but their children as well.

    The goodness of you that was absorbed is passed onto their children, and may be passed onto their children.

    Coach, you starting planting seeds nearly 30 years ago. Who knows how far into the future your crops will continue to bear a harvest?

    I’d lay good money down that it will be for a long time.

    Thank You.

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