Not Changing the World

Two major sports/ football related stories today.not changing the world

  • Aaron Hernandez is arrested and charged with murder.
  • The NCAA ruled in the case involving the Oregon Ducks and their former head coach, Chip Kelly.

Not to dogpile, but these stories are diametrically opposed to the feel of my post yesterday, Change the World.

As coaches, we are part of an awesome profession … one that has awesome responsibility attached to it.  We have the chance to teach and coach young men to Do Things Right… all of the time.   If we are just teaching X’s and O’s, and neglecting the opportunity to teach anything else, we are just doing part of the job.  If we are not leading through example by Doing Things Right… all of the time, then we are not leading.

I have to believe that some coach, at some level, saw the path Aaron Hernandez was heading down.  There were numerous “red flags” beginning in high school and continuing through his collegiate playing days at Florida, up to his professional career as a Patriot.   Prior to the NFL draft, one NFL scout said –

“We stayed away because we hated the people he hung out with and how trouble always seemed to find this guy.”

Did everyone just bury their heads in the sand because he was a great player?

As a FBS head football coach, Chip Kelly knows the NCAA recruiting rules.  He knowingly broke them, and tried to cover it up.  And we are to believe his statement that the NCAA investigation had nothing to do with his decision to bolt to the NFL and coach the Eagles?

Give me Stanford and coach David Shaw.

Here is a link to his TED talk in case you have not seen it

Can Football Change the World ?

I know the question is rhetorical, but yes is still my answer.

What player on your squad needs your help… beyond the playing field?

Jeff Floyd –

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