Becoming a Competitor

Being a great competitor is as much mental as it is physical.

Great competitors don’t become that way just by waiting for Friday night (or whatever day you play) then flipping a “switch”.  They compete all the time… in everything they do.  It is a habit.

You can learn to become a better competitor…. one who goes into a contest brimming with just the right amount of confidence (see Confident vs Cocky) … looking forward to, and meeting any challenge that might be thrown your way.  I think the best way to become a better competitor is to compete every day.   A great time to do this is during your training regimen.

Abstract DiagramWhen I observe people training in the weight room, or on the practice field, I can tell quickly who the competitors are.  When it comes down to your last set, on your “Heavy” day lift, are you going to be content with just getting 1 or 2 reps, or are you going to fight for every rep?  When it comes down to the last rep of your conditioning drill, are you going to fight until you are totally “spent”, or ease up before you get to the finish line because your brain is telling you (lying to you) that you can’t possibly do any more or go any faster?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

When the competition gets tough, the competitors compete!

  • Fight for every rep in the weight room… compete
  • Try to win every conditioning drill in your position group… compete
  • Outwork the person next to you… compete
  • Learn the plays better than anyone else on your team… compete
  • Have 100% attendance in your off-season program … compete
  • Challenge for a starting spot… compete
  • Workout when you are not feeling 100% … compete
  • Playing tiddlywinks…. compete

You get the picture.  The more you develop the habit of competing, doing things the absolute best that you can do, not just “going through the motions”… the better competitor you become.  By attacking and winning these smaller daily competitions, you prepare yourself for the bigger ones that arrive on Friday nights during your season.

Jeff Floyd –

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