It Works Both Ways

After reading yesterday’s post, Some Assembly Required, a colleague sent an email that read in part,

“seriously… IKEA… Can you relate anything to athletics?”


And here is the great thing… it works both ways!

Just as I can relate events that occur in my daily life to athletics, lessons I learned by participating (or coaching) in athletics, I apply to help me in my daily life…. daily!

Lessons that you learn by participating (or coaching) in athletics will serve you well in all aspects of your life long after your playing days are over… daily!


  • Hard work pays off…
  • The value of teamwork…
  • Setting Goals…
  • Tenacity…
  • The Grit and the Grind are your friends…
  • Confidence vs Cockiness
  • Adversity makes you stronger…
  • Failing is learning…
  • Being “Coachable”…
  • You Can Do More!

If you are a competitor, I hope you are learning these things as you compete.

If you are a coach, I hope you are teaching these lessons as you coach.

Jeff Floyd –

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