A Weekly (not weakly!) Workout

truman liftersOn the workout template (Mac and Windows)  that I shared in yesterday’s blog post, there is a weight workout for one week.  There are actually 3 different “cycle” possibilities (3×8, 5×5, and 3×3) for a week on each card.  The explanation of how to use the templates are included in the  Word document that I shared yesterday, but today I will go into more detail regarding the core weight workout for a week.  Here are the fundamentals of a week’s workout.

There are four “core” lifts that are included in the workout – two “power” lifts – Bench Press and Squat, and two “explosive” lifts – Hang Clean and Push Press.  Each day the lifter will do 3 of the 4 core lifts.  Each day the lifter will do one lift at a “heavy” intensity, one lift at a “medium” intensity, and one lift at a “light” intensity, and one lift is not done at all.  The intensities are all based on percentages of the one-rep max that you enter at the top of the spreadsheet.  As you can see, the weight amounts on the heavy day sets are more than the medium or light day weights.

The core lift workout for each day runs vertical on the Workout Card.  Monday’s workout is heavy Bench, medium Squat, and light Push Press.  Hang Clean is not done on Monday.  Tuesday’s workout is heavy Squat, medium Push, and light Clean.  Bench is not on Tuesday.  Wednesday’s workout is heavy Push, medium Clean, and light Bench.  Squat is not done on Wednesday.  Thursday is an off day – or you could switch Wednesday and Thursday and take Wednesday off.  Friday is heavy Clean, medium Bench, and light Squat.  Push Press is not done on Friday.

You will notice that the day after a “heavy” day for each lift, that lift is not part of the workout.  When it is added back in, it comes back in at  “light” intensity.  That allows the primary muscle groups you used during your heavy day lift to recover.  The “heavy” day for each lift is a day that you will go until failure – meaning you will not be able to complete the set using correct technique or without help from the spotter.

Tomorrow I will talk about reading and managing your card and “breaking”  – the method of increasing the workload on your muscles.  In the coming days I will break down each lift, discussing the benefits of each lift, along with technique tips and video, as well as safety and spotting concerns.

Remember – You can do more – your brain is lying to you, don’t believe it!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com

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