Lombardi Sales Training

I am surprised how colleagues often bristle at the notion that as coaches, we are, to a degree, in sales… we are sales people.

I wrote about this last week in my post, Job Posting.

I actually came across the following clip to use in my post on Vince Lombardi’s 100th birthday, the The Lombardi Effect.

This film is a sales training film starring Vince Lombardi.  It was made in 1968 following the Packers 3rd  consecutive World Championship.  Parts of it are a bit hokey, but it has some great footage of Lomardi talking about five “motivators” from championship football that also apply to the sales field… some tried and true Lombardi axioms like “fatigue makes cowards of us all” and “Lombardi Time

I encourage you to take the time to watch the 25 minute film… it is full of Lombardi motivational quotes… unique because you actual see and hear Coach Lombardi say them.

If Vince Lombardi can see a correlation between football/ athletics and sales, then that is good enough for me … if Lombardi is selling, then I am buying!

Remember – You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com

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