Making a List

And checking it twice…

No, not that list… that “naughty or nice” die has already been cast at this point in time.

I am talking about a To-Do list… the simplest/ quickest way to become more efficient and productive.

I am an organization “junky”… but have not always been.  In my first teaching position at Blue Springs HS years ago (1979) I was an unorganized mess…. teaching five different preps and coaching two sports.  I was floundering and knew I had to change some things… knew I had to get more organized or fail.

I am also a tech “junky”… I have used computers since 1982… I actually owned an Apple IIc (the first “portable” computer) in 1984. I have tried and experimented with nearly all of the organization and productivity apps out there.  I have tried probably six or seven “To-Do” list apps, and even though I am a techie, I don’t use any of them.

Make_a_ListFor some reason, for me, I find that I am the most productive… the most efficient… when I make a simple, hand written list each day of tasks that I need to do.  I get great satisfaction marking through the tasks when I finish them.  On days that I neglect to make the list… I am not as productive.  The list keeps me focused, on task, and prevents me from drifting into endless “time sucks” that are out there lurking … like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It is the simplest and quickest way to become more efficient and productive.  If this habit is not currently in your repertoire, maybe you should put it on your Christmas List, or make it a Resolution next week!

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