Your Recipe for Success

A quick exercise.

Think about some of the best work that you have ever done.

  • The best performance you have ever given …
  • A great workout that you completed …
  • The best article you have ever written …
  • A knockout presentation that you gave …
  • The best game you ever played …
  • A classroom lesson that rocked …
  • The best race you ever ran …
  • Your best practice
  • The best game you ever coached …

It should be pretty easy to pick out one – we normally have many good memories/ feelings associated with our good work.

Now…. how can you replicate it?

Success-IngredientsNot the exact thing, of course… but what were the ingredients behind that work that made it possible to be great?  What was your recipe for success?


  • How did you prepare?
  • What was your mental state?
  • How did you feel before starting?
  • How did you feel afterwards?
  • What obstacles did you have (we always have some) and how did you overcome them?
  • What was different about this work?
  • What tools did you use to create this… your best work?
  • What help or support did you have?

Great work rarely “just happens”.  Normally it is the result of a confluence of factors coming together at the same time.

Here is the deal… if you can do it once… you can do it again…. It is in there!

You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you… Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd –

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