It is the Singer, not the Song

Think of your all-time favorite song, performed by the singer that made it special to you.

karaoke600Now think of that same song performed by a 30 year, karaoke signer at her bachelorette party at the local pub.   Same words, same notes, same rhythm… but there is a big difference in the product.  A singer has skills that turn the words, notes and rhythm into a work of art.

It is the singer… not the song.

There are many different types of singers… rock, soul, blues, country.  Every great singer, in each genre, uses their unique skills to turn the words, notes, and rhythm into a work of art.

As a coach and teacher, we are the “singer”.

We all play under the same rules, on the same field, and often with very similar type players and plays… the “song”.

It is up to us, using our unique skills, to turn out a work of art,  instead of a karaoke screecher.

Jeff Floyd –

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