The Mother of all Positive Thinkers

I suppose the roots of “You Can Do More!” can be traced to my parents, and more specifically my mother.  She always gave me the confidence to think that I COULD do more.   Mine were great, supportive parents regarding my athletic playing and coaching career.  They never missed a game.  I started every game during my collegiate playing days, so that includes 40+ college games.  They didn’t miss many games that I coached, either.

On this Mother’s day, I have to share one of my favorite (and true) stories that illustrates the supportive nature of my mother.

I was getting ready to report for pre-season practice at William Jewell my freshman year.  The whole drive up to Jewell, my mom was talking… encouraging me with phrases like, “You are going to do so GREAT! “… “This is so exciting… you are so smart… and fast!” … “You are ready for this… you have worked so hard!

The whole drive, nothing but encouragement came out of her mouth.

At that time (1975), the Kansas City Chiefs were still practicing at Jewell, and their last day of camp was our report day.  When we arrived the Jewell veteran football players were already on campus, as well as many Chiefs players that were packing up to leave.  The “regular” student population was not on campus yet, so needless to say, there were disproportional amount of BIG human beings roaming around… and I was a scrawny 150 lbs.

Still, my mom was encouraging… “You think these guys play football, too?”… “Won’t it be great to have them for your teammates?”  … “You are going to do so GREAT!”… “You are going to have so much fun!

I leave and say my final goodbyes and head to the dorm to meet my pre-season roommate.  My mom shouts one final time “You will do GREAT!”… then (as I find out from my Dad about 20  years later) she turns to my father and says … “He’s gonna get KILLED!

As worried as she was about me playing college football, she never let on.  She wanted me to know that she believed in me… believed that I COULD DO MORE!

Jeff Floyd –

5 thoughts on “The Mother of all Positive Thinkers

  1. That is the best story ever// I had forgotten it till reading your blog.. You are such a sweetie//no wonder we all indulge you!! Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

  2. Great post coach. I weighed the exact same when I stepped foot on campus. And yes, my teammates where big. The trust and belief our mothers have in us is invaluable.

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