The Playbook of the Future

History of the “Playbook of the Future”

Coach and Coordinator

I stopped using paper playbooks after my second year as a head coach in 2002.  I spent a whole summer putting our playbook together, and used a nice chunk of our budget printing it and putting it in binders.  Many of them were returned in mint condition.  In fact some players admitted to not using them because they really didn’t learn that way.  The truth is a paper playbook only tailors to one type of learning style.

After the season I attended a Glazier Clinic in Cincinnati and watched Andrew Coverdale clinic for five hours.  In his clinic he used PowerPoint and it was evident that the slides he was using were coming directly from his playbook.  He did a great job of bringing each point up on the screen one at a time and the lines were animated and moved across the screen.   His playbook was hyper linked…

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