The Value of a Playbook

I am often amazed when the conversation among coaches turns to the value of having a playbook.  I am amazed at the reasons (excuses) some colleagues give for NOT preparing a playbook for their athletes.

  • “It is a waste of my time, they won’t even read it”
  • “It is a waste of my time, it will just end up in the bottom of their locker”
  • “We install on the field, that is the best way to learn anyway”
  • “We change what we emphasize each week, so our offense (defense) is really fluid… it’s tough to capture that in a printed playbook”
  • “Kids learn by doing”
  • “We just teach the play concepts, so being able to draw up a play is not that important”
  • “I did not have time – there are so many other, more important things to do”
  • “Kids just don’t have the attention span any more… they are used to playing video games”
  • “Kids don’t read any more – they would rather watch a movie instead”

These reasons (excuses) all have some validity…

  • Some kids DO learn by doing…
  • Some kids WOULD rather watch a movie than read…
  • Some kids will NOT read the playbook…
  • Some kids DO have short attentions spans…
  • Some kids DO relate to video games more than the written word.

Some, but not ALL kids

Without a doubt, publishing a good playbook is hard work and a time consuming project.  But let me pose these questions to you…

  • If having a playbook helped just one athlete perform better on one play during the season….
  • And that one play made the difference between winning and losing one game….
  • And that one game made the difference between being conference or district champions…
  • Would you publish a playbook for your team?

There are no guarantees in coaching… but if having a playbook is going to help win one game… for me the time spent is a good investment.

Tomorrow, a look at different learning styles, technology and what might be called “The Playbook of the Future” – but it is within reach today!

Jeff Floyd –

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