The Hard Parts

Here is a quote from Seth Godin’s Sunday post, “The Hard Parts”:

In an industrial setting, the obvious plan is to seek out the easy work. You’re more likely to get it done with less effort and then move on. The easy customer, the easy gig, the easy assembly line.

Today, though, it’s the difficult work that’s worth doing. It’s worth doing because difficult work allows you to stand out, create value and become the one worth choosing.

Seek out the difficult, because you can. Because it’s worth it.

Few of us became coaches because it is easy… it is difficult work.  I would encourage you today… tonight… to examine your job as a coach.  Are there any “Hard Parts” that you can do differently… better… allowing you to stand out… to become the one worth choosing?   Maybe it is time to reinvent the wheel.

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And that is the perfect segue for my next two posts that will go live later this week.   I am very excited to share:

  • Why do a Playbook?, on Wednesday, and
  • The Playbook of the Future, on Thursday

You Can Do More…. your brain is lying to you… Don’t Believe It!

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