One Voice

You can call “it” what you want :

  • “Speaking with one voice”
  • “Strength in numbers”
  • “Delivering a consistent message”
  • “All on the same page”

magaphoneWhatever you want to call “it”, when you get “it” in your program, you can start making real gains.  All of the head coaches at our school “speak with one voice” regarding the expectations of our athlete’s participation in the strength and conditioning program.   I was reminded of this fact last week.

I had a couple of boys basketball players in one of my classes – advanced strength and conditioning for athletes.  These two young men were not meeting my expectations regarding their work habits in class.   All it took was a mention to our head boys basketball coach.  He met them at the locker room door prior to class the next day.  He asked if they were planning on playing basketball next year.  When they responded “Yes” he said “Well then you better start working harder in your strength and conditioning class – you need to get stronger and faster before next season.”  He also asked them if they watched the NCAA tournament, and when they said, “Yes” he asked, “Did you see any skinny, weak kids playing on those teams?” He made it crystal clear that his expectations were the same as mine.

Their work habits improved immediately.

So how do you get everyone on the same page?

TrustTrust that you (as strength coach) have the athlete’s best interest at heart.  Trust that you know what you are doing.  Trust that you will not interfere with their competitive season.  Trust that you are not only interested in training your football athletes.  Trust that you have a sincere interest in ALL the sports success, for both men and women.  Trust that you are improving their athlete’s strength, speed, quickness and explosiveness.  Trust that you will help keep their athletes healthy.

It helps when athletes get the message… whatever message you are delivering… from more than one adult, in more than one way.  When you “speak with one voice“, the message is amplified.

 You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you… Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd –

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