Purple Cow Quality #1 – Coachable-Character

A quick review of how to become Wanted and Rewarded.

Today I will be discussing the first of the Purple Cow Qualities – the things that will make you a remarkable (recruitable) student-athlete.

Purple Cow Quality #1 – Coachable – Character

Your high school football coach will be your first contact with college recruiters.  Each year he will get literally hundreds of college prospect forms to fill out. These will be asking for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade prospects that have the potential to play college football.  Your high school coach can be one of your biggest assets in getting an initial connection to college football programs.  It won’t be mom and dad, it won’t be your AAU coach, it won’t be the recruiting service you paid $200 to make sure you were a Five Star recruit.   It will be your high school coach!

So … to put it simply, and a little corny (but true) you have to show him how remarkable you are!  Here is the question:  Will your coach be able to TRUTHFULLY say to a college recruiting coach that you have done everything in your power to become the best football (and team) player during the last four years?  If not, then you have work to do.  If you expect your coach to be your biggest fan, you must show him you have character and are coachable.  How do you do that?  Here are some (but not all) examples….

If your coach expects you to lift weights three times a week in the off- season, then be there every day, and be the hardest worker in the field house.  Don’t be this guy!

If your coach asks you to play scout team your sophomore year to help the varsity team prepare, then be the best scout team player on the field!  Make plays against good varsity competition and follow directions.

If your coach expects you to participate in 7-on-7 during the summer, then be at every practice and every game. Be a leader – learn your system – play fast.

If your coach asks you to switch positions your senior year to help the team, then take on the new position with enthusiasm.

If your coach expects you to evaluate your opponent’s game film an hour every day during your season, then watch 90 minutes a day.

If you coach demands that you are on time to every practice and meeting, then make sure you are on “Lombardi Time” and get there 10 minutes early!

When you coach says you should take a “6 inch step” during film evaluation of your blocking, you say “Yes Sir” and learn how to do it consistently rather than asking your teammates “what is the big difference between a 6 inch step and a 7 inch step?

When you do everything in your power to make yourself a better football (and team) player, then you will be able to check off the first, and one of the most important Purple Cow quality,  Coachable and Character.  Honestly evaluate yourself tonight – how are  you doing with this Purple Cow quality?

In addition to these written posts, I have recently launched my YouTube Channel that deals specifically with the recruiting process.  The channel can be found here : The YouCanDoMore YouTube Channel, and the complete playlist can be viewed here.


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