How is this workout program different?

Over the weekend I spent some time surfing the interwebs looking at what strength and conditioning programs are out there and available for coaches, teachers, athletes, trainers, and trainees to use.   There are many great programs available, some for free and others for a fee.  And really, there are many ways to skin a cat.  If you believe in a fitness program, and are consistent, and intense when you train, you will probably see results.

I hope you take the time to download and try what I have shared via this blog, because I really do see some pretty pronounced differences.  Here is what I see as the main differences between what I am sharing, and what is already out there.

  1. I have several different workout programs available… for FREE!  A 4 day a week Mac Excel template, a 4-day a week Windows Excel template, and a 3-day a week Mac Template.  I have also shared a Word document explaining how to use these templates for your workouts, or in training others.  If you would like to see any other workouts,  just drop me a line – that is how and why I came up with the 3 day a week program.
  2. Each workout card has a 3×8 (3 set x 8 rep) cycle, a 5×5 cycle and a 3×3 cycle on it.  No need to print a different card for each workout cycle                    3x8                5x5                 3x3
  3. Most workouts available online are in the format that just says do X Lift 70% (or any other given percent) of your 1RM  (1 rep max) – X number of reps. Then it is up to you to take the time out of your workout, walk over to a percentage chart, and look up what 70% of your 1RM is… then do it again for your next set(s).  It is not a very efficient way to spend your time training!  The templates I have shared (Mac and Windows) have formulas that will calculate and print the amount of weight to lift each set based on percentages of your 1RM.  It will also automatically round the weight to the nearest 5 lbs – the smallest increment you can add to an Olympic barbell (2.5 each side).  All the user had to do is enter their 1RM in the worksheet for each of the lifts..
  4. As I have mentioned, we always test on a multi-rep max for each lift and convert it to an estimated 1RM and enter that number of the workout card.  Here is a pdf of the conversion chart we use, or there are many sites on the Internet that will convert a multi rep max to an estimated 1RM.

Thanks for reading!  Tomorrow I will share and discuss one of my favorite football specific conditioning drills!

Any questions?  Just comment or email…. I will respond.

Jeff Floyd –

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