You Can Do More

My name is Jeff Floyd, and I have been a teacher and coach for 30 years. I have experience at all levels, coaching Pop-Warner to Professionals. I have been an assistant middle school coach/teacher, and a head college football coach…. and pretty much everything in between. My experience includes training men and women athletes in all sports, including swimming soccer, football, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, and track and field.

In all my years coaching, I cannot recall a single time, that when asked, coached, and motivated, an athlete I was working was not willing to do more…. Another rep, another lap, a faster split, etc. I, we as coaches, are more likely to ask, to demand too little rather than too much. Hence the name of this blog…. You Can Do More!… A term my current and former players will be familiar with.

I will use this forum to share systems, knowledge, tips, techniques, data.. essentially everything that is at my disposal …to assist interested athletes and coaches.

Enjoy, and remember, you can do more… your brain is lying to you… don’t believe it!

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