A Football Life – Lombardi and Gifford

Some don’t remember that Gifford and Lombardi are connected… this was a post from about a year ago, but I wanted to resurrect it today in honor of Gifford’s passing.

gifford lombardi

You Can Do More!

First… if you have not watched A Football Life, Vince Lombardi, I highly recommend it.  It is a combination of information from the David Maraniss biography, When Pride Still Mattered, and John Eisenberg’s book about Lombardi’s initial year in Green Bay, That First Season.  It has lots of great film footage, quotes, and overall coaching information.  It is a genealogy/ history of football coaching.

A couple of quick takeaways…

Three words that many coaches have trouble saying… me included.

“I need help”

Is it that we are too proud to admit a fault, or have too much hubris and think we know it all?

I know that I am not good at saying or admitting that I need help, and at times it has slowed my growth as a coach.

Vince Lombardi began coaching at St. Cecillia high school in New Jersey.  He won 5…

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