And WHY?

The other day I was out for a run and during my “cool down” (a real misnomer when the heat index is above 100 degrees) my son called. When I answered he gave his usual greeting of “what are you doing?” When I replied, “I was out for a run” he said “and WHY?”

I laughed off his rhetorical question, but it did get me in a contemplative mood on my walk back home. Why do I workout?… why do I run?

photo-10When I got back home and opened up this months copy of Runner’s World I was hit with the same query … “Tell Us Why You Run”

The reasons have evolved.

When I was young and a competing athlete, I worked out to improve my performance.   I wanted to “be the best” sprinter, defensive back, shortstop, etc. I was always “chasing” something.

I still remember the record board in my elementary school gymnasium. I wanted my name beside the 60 yard dash and shuttle run… when I went to high school I wanted my name listed for the 100 yard (yes yard back then), 220 yard and 440 yard. I wanted to start on the football team and be an all conference player. These types of things drove me to workout… to run… through my college days.

When my competing days were over, I continued to workout, but the reasons changed. No longer was I chasing records or playing time. I worked out for the same reason many young or middle aged men or women do… to look better. I wanted to be lean, muscular, and strong. I wanted my arms, traps, and lats to bulge… signifying time spent in the gym.

But back my son’s rhetorical questions… “And WHY?” Why do I workout now? Why do I go out and run when the heat index is 100+?

  • I workout… run… now because I want to be “Younger Next Year”
  • I want to feel better…
  • I want to be able to physically do things I enjoy now, and also able to physically do them in 20 years…
  • I want to witness the great things my son, and his family will accomplish…
  • I want to LIVE…
  • The prize that I seek now is to be active when I age (active aging)…
  • I want to be healthy, mentally and physically … and runningworking outNOW will help.

I suppose I am still chasing something… but something that it will take 20+ years to catch.

You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd –

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