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Many of us find ourselves at this point of the year between summer workouts and before heading into the full-on madness that is “in-season”. It may be a good time to add some teaching/ coaching tools to your arsenal.

This is a post from a while ago, but with an added “bonus” . Coach Justin Meyers improved on the film grading tool that can be downloaded via this post, adding a formula to automatically tally all the “+” and “-” grades for each athlete, and use that to calculate their percentage grade. Great work, Coach!

You can download the new and improved spreadsheet at this link “2014Franklin“. I will add a video in the next couple of days to help explain the formulas used.  The formulas that Coach Myers added are on the second tab, “FranklinGradeout”.


You Can Do More!

Film… video… has been a primary teaching tool for coaches since the use of 16mm film in the 1950’s.  Virtually every high school, college and pro team in the country films, and views game and practice video.  As a coach, I am constantly searching for a way to ensure that we are not only viewing or watching the video, but also analyzing and learning from it.  We always tell our athletes that they need to watch the video with a critical eye, and view it as a learning tool, which is much different than they would watch an NFL or College game on the weekend.

The process of “grading” game and practice video has helped to change the film viewing from a social event (like watching an NFL game) into a teaching session for both coaches and players.  I am sure most of you reading this post grade…

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