When I began this blog over one year and 300 posts ago, I made a decision not to solicit from you, my readers, or inundate you with ad banners on the site. I value your attention and time and do not want to impose or waste it.

Today I am asking something of you.

My soon to be (end of this summer!) daughter-in-law, Cambria Potter is the director and curator of an amazing project called 50/50 KC. This project will put an art gallery, made of two shipping containers, in an underdeveloped area in our city (Kansas City) called the West Bottoms.

50/50 KC is important for our city, for the arts in our city, for the West Bottoms, for the environment… and yes, too, important for Cambria Potter!

Last month Cambria5050kc was awarded the Rocket Grant from the Charlotte Street Foundation to help develop this project. This weekend her team also launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the costs of 50/50 KC, which is slated to break ground in one month.

You can click on this link to learn about Cambria and the project… there is a short (under 2 minute) video there as well: 50/50 KC Kickstarter

Here, specifically is what I am asking you… Visit, Back, and Share

  • Visit their Kickstarter Campaign Page
  • Back this project at any level you feel comfortable with (levels from $1 to $1000)
  • Share the information about 50/50 KC with your colleagues, cadre, and friends with any vehicle you use.

The sharing element of this is critical. Even if this type of project is not your particular cup of tea, I am guessing that somewhere in you group of friends, colleagues, or cadre, there is someone that 50/50 KC would resonate with, and who would love to help in some way.  Here are the links you can use to share:

Cambria and her team are also having a Kickstarter launch party (50/50 Kickstarter Launch Party ) next Sunday evening (July 13)… if you are in the area, please RSVP and join us. You do not have to attend the event to back this project using Kickstarter… but you will be able to back via Kickstarter at the event.

Thank you for your time… it is valued by me.

If you have any questions about 50/50 KC, please email or leave a comment!

You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

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