300 posterSorry, no historical (or even quasi-movie historical) references to the Battle of Thermopylae, Sparta, or Persia… just a reference to the number 300.

I have been writing this blog for about a year and a half … Today is my 300th post!

I want to thank all of the folks that have been following, many from the very first post.   I also have a request. If you find the blog helpful, interesting, or motivational, please consider sharing this link (youcandomore.net) with…

  • Any coaching colleague…
  • Any student athlete…
  • Any teaching colleague…
  • Any parent….
  • Any administrator…

Who might find it useful as well.   They can follow in a number of ways, including email notification, or RSS feed.

Your loyal readership is appreciated.  Thank you!

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Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com


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