A Significant Football Resource

Today’s post is significant for three reasons…

  • I am reviewing a great offensive football coaching resource, The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System
  • I am highlighting some innovative methods available to better teach whatever offensive or defensive system you use
  • I am introducing an outstanding coaching resource, Coach Keith Grabowski

zone offeseCoach Grabowski’s new iBook, The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System is one of the best coaching resources that I have ever read…. and you really do so much more than read it… you read it, you watch it, you interact with it, you take notes in it.  It is a coaching clinic, webinar, PowerPoint, film session, drill guide, tutorial, etc… all rolled into one coaching resource.  It really is as if you had the opportunity to spend a week (or more!) with Coach Grabowski, his staff, and players when he was at Baldwin Wallace University.

Coach Grabowski starts at the beginning and details the philosophy behind their version of the Zone offense, goes through their terminology, (formations, adjustments, etc) and personnel considerations.  He then takes their stretch play and details, for every position group, how to teach, install, practice (including practice organization and drill work) and analyze (via video analysis) their role for that play.

This video is one example of the kind of powerful resource this iBook is.   This piece shows how the iBook takes you through the initial explanation of offensive line combo blocks for the stretch, a drill introduction, and actual practice video of the drill being executed.

This video shows how the iBook explains an adjustment of the tailbacks path on the stretch play.

The final chapters put it all together and discuss (and show via game video) intricacies of the play vs a myriad of defensive fronts.

It is important to note, that although this iBook is optimized for viewing on an iPad, it can also be “read” on a Mac using the new Mavericks operating system.

If you are running, or want to run the zone scheme as part of your offense, then this book is a must have.  If you are not using any zone concepts in your offense (or you are a defensive coach) this book still has much to offer.  This book is a roadmap, a template, for using technology to better teach your athletes.   It is comprehensive, interactive, and incorporates many different teaching styles, to accommodate all types of learners.

If none of this appeals to you… you are not interested in the zone concepts, not interested in using technology to help teach and coach your athletes, then at a bare minimum I would follow and read Coach Grabowski’s blog : Coach and Coordinator.  It is an excellent resource on a variety of topics ranging from offensive football, to game planning, and leadership development.

I hope this post has done this iBook and Coach Grabowski justice… it is an amazing resource for running the zone scheme, it is a great example of using technology to better teach and coach your system, and Coach Grabowski is a true innovator regarding “On Edge Coaching”

You can purchase Coach Grabowski’s iBooks at these links: The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System, and his first book, 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays

You can follow his blog at this link: Coach and Coordinator, and follow his Twitter feed here: @CoachKGravbowski 

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