Curiosity killed the cat

I think curiosity has gotten a bad rap.

The longer I am in this profession, as a teacher and coach, the more I realize the importance of this trait – curiosity.

I have been thinking about this since a conversation I had with my wife about traits she looks for in her sales force… one of the top traits – curiosity.

I want my players and coaches to be curious… to want to know why. Instead of just robotically obeying or reciting rules, I want them to have the curiosity to learn and understand why.


  • Why Cover 2?
  • Why zone blocking?
  • Why “club up” instead of “wrap up”?
  • Why hang clean?
  • Why take this angle?


The more the players and coaches understand the why, and have the yearning to investigate and learn the why, the deeper their understanding will be.

Give me a curious, sentient human being over a robot any day.

Even better… give me a curious, sentient, athletic, hard working human being.

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