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I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I have met many, MANY great coaches, innovators and teachers via the Internet that live all over the country. I wrote about our connected fraternity in these posts, Following Social Media and “Passing” and “Catching” Information in a Connected Society

courvilleOne of these, Coach Tony Courville, from Teurlings Catholic high school in Lafayyete, Louisiana recently sent me a message via Twitter about a Fuel Magazine interview that he was featured in. In this article, Courville, a 25 year veteran, shared some of his philosophy regarding Strength and Conditioning.  You can see a digital version of the article here: Fuel Magazine – Tony Courville

I wrote about Coach Courville and a really good tool he uses in an earlier post of mine, Evaluation of Performance Chart.

Without the internet, without Twitter

  • I would not know Coach Courville…
  • I would not have known about (or read) the Fuel Magazine article
  • I would not have been able to share this information to the readers and followers of this blog…
  • I would not have been able to “steal” his Evaluation of Performance Chart
  • I would not have been able to share his chart with my readers…
  • His Evaluation of Performance Chart has been downloaded over 200 times from my site alone!

This is just one example from one day.

There is a lot of garbage floating around in the ether… but there is also a lot more out there than cute cat videos… If you know where to look.

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