“Passing” and “Catching” Information in a Connected Society

It is funny the circuitous route information sometimes takes getting from the “quarterback” to the “receiver”.

  • A couple of weeks ago, a startup education tech company, Dewsly (@dewsly), sent me a tweet about their platform, because I was a teacher and coach …
  • We began following each other on twitter…
  • The CEO of Dewsly, Anthony Noll (@anthonynoll) and I began following each other on twitter…
  • I created a Dewsly account and began investigating their platform…
  • Anthony Noll began following this blog (YouCanDoMore.net)…
  • I wrote a post about technology and teaching/ coaching (Technology and Your Career) a couple of days later…
  • Anthony Noll tweeted the following… “@youcandomore1 took a look at your site and love it. i wish content like that was around when i was an athlete. lets talk sometime!” 
  • I wrote a post on my blog,  “Flipped Coaching Tips and Resources
  • The tweet referencing the post got favorited and retweeted many times…. Including by @dewsly and @anthonynoll
  • Another follower of @dewsly and a user of their platform (dewsly.com), Lauren Taylor (@LTaylorELA) read the retweet from @dewsly and we started following each other on twitter…
  • I joined the Dewsly group, Teaching Tips, where teachers can easily share information and content…
  • I shared a link to my post on Flipped Coaching Tips and Resources with the Dewsly group, Teaching Tips 
  • In the Dewsly forum, Teaching Tips, Lauren Taylor shared information regarding a new technology called Aurasma, which is an Augmented Reality app and platform…


Without Twitter I would not have know about Dewsly… without Dewsly I would not have been connected to Lauren Taylor… without joining the Teaching Tips group, I would not have read about Aurasma via Lauren Taylor’s link…. and this is a tool that  I WILL use in my teaching and coaching.

Tomorrow I am going to write about, and demonstrate some uses for this app and platform, Aurasma…. in the words of my wife… “Prepare to have your mind blown!”

The point of post today’s post is to show how relatively easy it is, in today’s connected society, to be both a quarterback and “pass” some information…. or be a “receiver” and “catch” what is thrown your direction.

Go ahead… throw and catch!

Thanks to…

You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com



3 thoughts on ““Passing” and “Catching” Information in a Connected Society

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