Thank Your Coach Week

hofWhile watching the Professional Football Hall of Fame inductions last weekend, I was reminded again what an awesome and important job we have as coaches.  Nearly every one of the inductees thanked their high school coach, and many of their high school coaches were in attendance.


The absolute best part of my job, better than any wins or championships, is when a former player or student takes the time to send an email, call, or message thanking me for being their coach or teacher.  It is not always the Hall of Fame, or All Conference player… and usually not people still involved in athletics.  The messages are always very similar… “Thank you for teaching me …

  • the value of hard work…
  • how to push myself…
  • the value of teamwork…
  • that I can do more…
  • how to set my goals…
  • how to be mentally tough…
  • the value of discipline…
  • how to persevere… 

It is such a simple thing to do, yet something that is so powerful.

So here is my question and challenge … have you thanked your high school coach recently?  If not, reach out and make their day.  It is such a simple thing to do.  I am sending my high school coach, Fred Merrell, an email today.   Please pass this on… re-tweet… repost… share with your staff.  Let’s make this “Thank Your Coach Week“… I can’t believe Hallmark hasn’t already come up with this idea!

You don’t have to wait until your induction to the Hall of Fame.

Jeff Floyd –


7 thoughts on “Thank Your Coach Week

  1. Jeff, this an excellent idea!! You need to hurry up and copyright your idea. No doubt my high school head coach and my defensive coordinator definitely had a lifelong effect on the adult I’ve become. Not only did they teach me all the things you listed, I also became a teacher/coach myself.


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