Flipping Their Switch

As I was checking the stats of my blog yesterday, I realized that a good portion of my posts dealt with motivation.  I think that is OK.

switchMotivation is a big part of a coach’s job; we try to get athletes to perform at a higher level.  I have tried to make several, consistent points in my posts, often saying the same thing with a slightly different twist.  I think it is the same way when we are motivating our players.  All of our athletes are different, and all have slightly different “hot buttons”.  What motivates one of your players may not flip another’s switch at all.

I was reminded again of what Seth Godin has to say about delivering your message:

“Repetition increases the chance that you get heard.

Repetition also increases the authority and believability of what you have to say. Listeners go from awareness of the message to understanding to trust.

Delivering your message in different ways, over time, not only increases retention and impact, but it gives you the chance to describe what you’re doing from several angles.”

It surprises (and delights) me when I hear from former players of mine, and they share what motivated them, or helped them perform better.  Recently, a former player, and now coaching colleague, was talking about a defensive goal board and goal chart we used when I was coaching at the University of Central Missouri.  He said:

“I liked it because it gave me a constant reminder of what we were trying to accomplish week in and week out.  It “defined” our defense.”

For one player, it might be looking at a goal board every week, every day; for another it might be a highlight video of great plays from the week before.  The thing is, you seldom know with certainty which method is going to resonate with which players… they probably aren’t going to say (until 10 years later) what worked with them… what “flipped their switch”.

Keep motivating… keep repeating your message in different ways, from different angles, using a variety of motivational and teaching techniques.  You never know what is going to stick, or when it will stick.  Just know, if it sticks with the right player, at the right time, you win.

You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you… don’t believe it!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com

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