Does not winning = Losing?

The human brain never ceases to amaze me.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to witness a really amazing track performance, and the climax to an outstanding track career.  Senior Roy Bay (In the Spotlight – Roy Bay) took home 2nd place finishes in the 100m dash, the 200m dash and anchored a 4x100m relay team that took 4th in the Missouri State 4A (the largest classification) meet.

roy stateWhen I had the chance to visit with Roy after his last race I could tell he was devastated.  He had just scored more points than any other sprinter in the State during the weekend competition and he was not happy.   Even though he did not verbalize it, I could tell what he was thinking…  what the message his brain was giving him…. “I lost”… and really in the human brain it is short trip from “I lost” to “I am a loser”.


I suppose that is partially what makes Roy, and all of us, competitors… that we are not satisfied with 2nd place finishes.  As coaches, though, there comes a time when we REALLY need to let our athletes know that 2nd place is NOT Losing… that sometimes 2nd place is AMAZING.  That winning three medals at the State meet and carrying home the 3rd place team trophy is a great accomplishment and should be ENJOYED!  Believe it or not, there are times when our athletes need help seeing this.

Oh, and in Paul Harvey fashion… the rest of the story…

Roy Bay runs with a rod, plate and screws holding his ankle together.  After his sophomore season, Roy crushed his ankle playing sandlot football.  He had major surgery to repair the break, and through his incredible work ethic returned for amazing junior and senior seasons in Track.

Also as an aside, Freshman Lexi Hart (In the Spotlight – Alexis Hart) finished 4th in the Missouri State 4A meet.

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