There is a great deal of research regarding overtraining, and specialization regarding athletes.  Athletes need a break, and need variety.  It is the same with coaches.

Last year right before our team was set to take the field in our Jamboree, I was having a discussion with a colleague… a very successful colleague I might add… who made the comment-

“Where did our summer go?  I can’t tell you how many times this summer I looked out in the garage at my boat sitting there, wondering when I was going to take it out.  I guess you have to be careful what you wish for…. I remember arguing for the 25 contact days in the summer.  Now we have it, and have no summer… no time off… for us or our players… if we want to keep up with the Jones anyway’”

I have never felt “burnt out” in the least.  But, when I was coaching college there were two summers that I did not take some time off… at least a couple of weeks… with my family.  The two seasons that followed those “working summers” were the least productive, most stressful, seasons of my entire career.  I was not as good a coach those two years.

beachTaking some time off to completely “get away” always recharges my batteries, clears my head, and makes me more productive.  I don’t head into the season with accumulated stress from working 365+ straight days, or accumulated guilt from endless hours away from family.  I am a better coach when I do.


It is important to have balance.  With our job it is very easy to get out of balance.  Taking a couple of weeks to get away with your family will not make you any less of a coach… in fact, it just might make you a better coach!

You Can Do More!  (sometimes by doing less)

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