Disciplined Mental Toughness

XC_running_symbol_revI just finished my second 4-mile road race, The Kansas City Trolley Run.  I have completed several (5-6) 5K’s in the last year and am developing an increased appreciation for distance runners, and their toughness… especially their mental toughness.

I am a competitor.  I like to win at everything I do.  I like being the best.  I was a football player and a sprinter in track, so my longest running competition was over in less than 60 seconds.  In football, the competition comes in quick spurts – 4-5 seconds, a play at a time.  Distance runners, good distance runners, have to keep a sharp mental focus, for several minutes… or many minutes… or hours!  They have to be disciplined competitors, physically AND mentally.  It is not an easy thing, for me any way.

Distance runners are tough, competitors, and disciplined.  I respect those qualties.

Congrats to Cindy Joy Davison for beating her goal by 8 minutes today in the OKC half marathon, and fellow “Team 616” runners Jamie Floyd and Becky Nace for running their best 4 mile times in the Kansas City Trolley Run!

YCDM! = You Can Do More!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com

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