Sewellism part II

osceolaA quick amendment to my previous post Enjoy the Journey, with some additional “Sewellisms” from my friend and colleague from our Osceola High School days, Greg Sewell.  These were a couple that my wife and I  laughed about just today!


  • Oh, the bitterness” – extreme disappointment… and the extended version “Oh, the bitterness I feel
  • Knothead” – probably referring to someone that caused him to say “Oh, the bitterness
  • He must have had the “operation”” … referring to a colleague that became a school administrator… “What operation is that?” some unwilling patsy would ask… “Oh, the operation to remove their backbone“… even funnier because Greg himself later had the “operation” and became a school administrator!

Feel free to send any other “Sewellisms” you might remember.

Jeff Floyd –

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